Monday, May 5, 2014

Getting Scholarships Without Having To Write Essay

Most people believe that scholarships are only for bright students. But what about regular students who can't maintain an A average? Do they have no chance of getting grants? This is not true at all. In fact, there are quite a few scholarships available for students without essays in US as well. Students with poor GPA's can still benefit from scholarships as long as they excel some other non-academic area.

These scholarships have nothing to do with your academic merit at all. They are sort of a recognition of the way a student outperforms others in artistic or athletic fields. It may also be given for outstanding performance in extracurricular activities, community service or in any other non-academic discipline. The main reason for this development is basically because of the various scholarship grantors have widened significantly. Not only are these grantors looking for the best academicians, but they are looking for students that excel in any field whatsoever.

The students who get these scholarships are basically the students who meet the goals of the sponsor. These candidates aren't always talented but they definitely need to be amazing & extraordinary in certain other ways. There is no sponsor who is going to give you money just for being alive. There needs to be something which you excel in.

The David Letterman scholarship is the perfect example of this. This scholarship is usually awarded to the most creative student and academics is of no consequence here. The winners of this scholarship usually excel in other fields like graphics, film, video, audio or research.

Another source of such scholarships are employers who feel for their employees. They know that their employees require help as far as getting their children through school is concerned. Employees that are really good at what they do may get some financial help from their employer as far as their children's education is concerned.

Some of the other grantors of these scholarships include churches, synagogues, local businesses, fraternal organizations, minority groups, unions, etc. These scholarships are given out to help the children of these members.

There are a lot of businesses and education lenders who hold scholarship lotteries in order to determine the students who they are going to support with their grant. Every day, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that scholarships are no longer only for A students. You no longer have to get the highest score in order to get a scholarship. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for such scholarships online today.